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Evidence - Adoption of Open Practices

Evidence - Enablers and Barriers

Evidence - Open partnerships


Culture and practice

 Evidence - Practices of different stakeholders

how practice is changing among OER stakeholders (teachers, learners, support staff, other sectors), and how practice change is being enabled and supported


Themes strand

CORE-SET (CORE-SET final report) | ReACTOR (ReACTOR Final report) |  Opening up a future in business (Future in business Final Report)COMC (COMC Final report) | PARIS (PARIS Final Project Report)  HALS OER (HALS OER Final Project Report)PublishOER (PublishOER final report) | Great Writers (Great Writers Final Report)|  ALTO UK (ALTO UK Final Report)  | ORBIT (ORBIT Final Report) | DEFT (DEFT Final Report)    | FAVOR (FAVOR Final Report) | SESAME (SESAME Final Report) |


OMAC strand

BLOCKeD (BLOCKeD Final Report) |   Digital Literacy and Creativity (Digital Literacy and Creativity Final Report | Academic Practice in Context (Academic Practice in Context Final report) | Teeside Open Learning Units (Teeside Open Learning Units Final Report)



What means have you used to engage your stakeholders, and in what ways have these been effective?




HE institutions and staff


FE institutions and staff



Schools sector

“I just see it as being exponential in terms of accessing students at the moment is local but if it was National that would be fantastic”. (College Tutor 2012). (HALSOER Final report)



Public sector



Private sector




General public  



What has been the impact of OER development, release and reuse on the practices of your stakeholders?

The industry sector in which we work is dominated by ancient practices and associated forms of advertising. I was immediately drawn to what you are doing by the relative simplicity but also the way in which allowed non-engineers to understand processes. The fact that your project enables a much greater level of understanding can only be a benefit to bringing this industry sector up to date. (Private company) (ReACTOR Final Report) 


In what ways are the cultures of your stakeholders being challenged, strengthened or changed by the release and use of OER?


By what means have you supported practice change among your stakeholders, and in what ways were these effective?