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3rd Sector Engagement


CORE-SET - Engineers Without Borders, Useful Simple Trust

PARIS project - Ear Foundation - The Ear Foundation has conducted a needs analysis with their target audience and design work has commenced based on the results of the analysis. Strong ground work has been laid for the evaluation stage with many needs analysis respondents keen to trial resources in real world contexts. Collection of OER has been achieved and early indications are that while the amount of third party OER in the subject area is limited, what is available has provided benefit to the project.

The Ear Foundation Needs Analysis report (written by Lyndsey Allen of the Ear Foundation) is available at: http://comms.nottingham.ac.uk/learningtechnology/2012/03/13/the-ear-foundation-needs-analysis-paris/- The needs analysis identified that users were interested in resources covering the following areas (the areas are listed in order of preference): impact of deafness on communication and language learning, family role in language learning, monitoring progress, challenges of using technology at home and school, maximising benefits of technology in education, overview of cochlear implants. The types of resources that the respondents of the needs analysis were interested in (listed in the order of preference) are: on-line, paper based, DVD, face to face.

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