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Key websites and final outputs from HEFCE funded OER initiatives from October 2009 to November 2012


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Information about the HE Academy JISC UKOER Programme


Information about the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education

UKOER Synthesis and Evaluation reports


UKOER Synthesis and Evaluation briefing papers


UKOER Synthesis and Evaluation tools

OER infokit

The online OER infoKit aims to both inform and explain OER and the issues surrounding them for managers, academics and those in learning support. It is aimed at senior managers, learning technologists, technical staff and educators with an interest in releasing OER to the educational community.


UKOER Programme Officers

Kernohan, D. and Thomas, A. (2012) OER - a historical perspective. http://repository.jisc.ac.uk/4915/

UKOER Support Project Websites

UKOER Support Project reports and guides



OER IPR Support Project



UKOER Projects

  • Subject Coverage - all projects listed by subject discipline - below they are listed according to the phase and strands. 


Pilot Phase (2009 - 2010)

Phase 2 (2010 - 2011)

Phase 3 (2001 - 2012)

Institutional Strand

Individual Strand

Subject Strand


Cascade Strand

Collections Strand


Release Strand

OMAC Strand


Theme projects


  • COMC Coventry Open Media Classes - Coventry University
  • PARiS Promoting Academic Resources in Society - University of Nottingham


  • HALS OER Health And Life Science Open Educational Resources - De Montfort University
  • PublishOER - University of Newcastle
  • Great Writers - University of Oxford
  • ALTO UK Arts Learning and Teaching Online UK - University of the Arts London



  • FAVOR Finding a Voice through Open Resources - University of Southampton
  • Sesame - University of Oxford

OMAC Strand


SCORE outputs



Quantitative deliverables, as reported to the OU National Advisory Board: SCORE report May 2012. As one example shows: "Globally LORO has exceeded 1.5 million page views and receives just under 1000 visits a month from all over the globe. 1,100+ registered users have uploaded over 2500 resources for language teaching and learning, which have been downloaded more than 20,000 times in the last six months alone." 


Collaborative partnerships across HE & FE institutions and with industry/public/voluntary sector organisations are not reported below, but project reports and case studies show evidence of how these have been developed and sustained by SCORE fellows or taken up through specific OER networks/groups.


 SCORE activity Target Achieved
Teaching fellowships 24 14
17 expected post-project
Short-term fellowships
50 58  March 2012 was the 5th face-to-face residential course. Development of an online course is in progress.
Dissemination events/workshops
20 events – the majority also recorded and published as OER  
1 event is still to take place plus an exhibition stand at the HE Academy conference
Media training
Additional activity – no target set 15 training days, 100 participants
Media training has been moved to the OU eSTEEM Centre
2 SCORE annual conferences 2 annual conferences
OER 11, May 2011, Manchester – 130 delegates from 63 institutions
OER 12, combining with the OCWC annual conference as “Cambridge 2012”, April 2012 – 236 delegates from 136 institutions.
General OER publishing
“Ready for Research” and “Digital Scholarship” micro-sites 115 hours of OER sourced for Ready2Research and a further 27 for Digital Scholarship. Test platform usability testing complete.
On track for go live 2 July 2012. Amendments made based on results of usability testing. End May there will be a populated site for further testing.

92 outputs, including:

  • 11 case studies published
  • 47 other publications
    • final reports
    • articles
    • research reports
    • conference presentations
    • conference posters


(based on what is available on the SCORE website)



Research Studies


OER Rapid Innovation Projects

Small short technical projects funded from March to October 2012 (not included in Synthesis and Evaluation Team activities)


Case Studies






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