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This page draws together the separate pages set up to support syntheis. Mainly to help the team find the pages they need quickly.


Pages to collate evidence from strands... These pages have tables with generic questions that we identified in preparation for the first programme meeting. These table should also include links to outputs that illustrate the findings.


Evidence and outputs

Phase2 Practice change

Phase2 Development and Release Issues

Phase2 Cultural Considerations

Phase2 Institutional Issues

Phase2 Impacts and Benefits

Also page to record thoughts around cross sector issues

Phase2 Cross sector issues


Strand pages

Phase2 Cascade strand synthesis

Phase2 Collections strand synthesis

Phase2 Release strand synthesis

Phase2 OMAC strand synthesis


Support function

Phase2 Support function

Phase2 ReportsInput


Non-public pages

Phase2 secret squirrels

Phase2 notes and reminders








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