OER Programme Phase 3

See the final Synthesis and Evaluation Report


The one year programme with a value of around £4m was designed to build on the sustainable practice identified in the first two stages, and to expand in new directions to link OER to other areas of work.


Projects in phase three investigated the use of OER approaches to work towards particular strategic, policy and societal goals.

Theme A : Extend OER through collaborations beyond HE 

Working in partnership with organisations from another sector in order to release and/or collect OER materials that meet their identified needs. Potential sectors for involvement:

Theme B: Explore OER publishing models

Theme C: Addressing sector challenges 

Theme D: Enhancing the student experience


UKOER Phase 3 Projects


Discussions at the May 2011 Senior Advisory Committee  meeting (attended by Allison Littlejohn) highlighted some questions worth evaluating, which are not inherent in phase 2 activities...

Knowledge building


Usefulness of specific types of resources


Reward and recognition

 Students creation/use of OERs


Staff/ student literacies

Views and practices of librarians

OER evaluation