OER Synthesis and Evaluation / Sustaining OER innovation through collaboration and partnership
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Sustaining OER innovation through collaboration and partnership

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Resources to support the JISC online conference 2010 session by Andy Beggan and Simon Thomson, facilitated by Peter bullen


BERLiN Project (University of Nottingham)

Website: http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/berlin.html

BLOG post following the session by Andy Beggan - very useful summary of the presentation


BERLiN project report 

Open Nottingham blog: http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/learningtechnology/category/open-nottingham-2/




Sample resources


 This open educational resource aims to share knowledge gained from involvement in the BERLiN OER project, develop open content literacy and explore perspectives, attitudes and approaches to open learning. In order to promote the use and reuse of OERs across the University, an ‘Open for Learning’ module was created. The module is available as an optional module on the Nottingham PGCHE and supports Nottingham’s open philosophy. This resource presents the information delivered as part of the 'Open for Learning Module.'


Accessing open learning resources

Learners and educators can use XPERT to search a growing database of open learning resources suitable for students at all levels of study in a wide range of different subjects. Creators of learning resources can also contribute to XPERT via RSS feeds created seamlessly through local installations of Xerte Online Toolkits. Xpert has been fully integrated into Xerte Online Toolkits, an open source content authoring tool from The University of Nottingham.

Unicycle Project (Leeds Metropolitan University)

Unicycle Project Site: http://unicycle-leedsmet.ning.com/

Repository website: http://repository.leedsmet.ac.uk/main/index.php


Unicycle Final Project Report





Reports & Surveys:

Sample Resources:



For more information about the JISC/HE Academy UKOER Pilot programme, including outcomes and outputs see the Pilot Phase Synthesis and Evaluation Report


The JISC Infonet OER Infokit also provides more information about OERs. This is featured in the conference have a go area please note that only registered conference delagtes will be able to access this link.







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