OER Synthesis and Evaluation / Individual Strand Guidance and Support Mechanisms
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Individual Strand Guidance and Support Mechanisms

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Individual projects generally found themselves as the experts within their institutions on OER release. Thus they lacked guidance and support from their institutions, but benefited from national services. JISC Legal was particularly mentioned as important, and IPR guidance at both national and institutional level appears the most needed support for ongoing work.


Projects have provided guidance and support materials themselves, generally aimed at other individual academics, or at learners. Here the range of topics is wider, covering legal, technical, and pedagogic guidance. Most of these materials are available from the project websites and linked from the new JISC OER Infokit


Detailed questions and evidence

What guidance and support needs to be offered (a) nationally (b) at institutional or even departmental level?

Support for staff releasing OERs needed at:

  • National level: for IPR (openSpace) – UK frameworks or guidelines
  • Institutional level: for IPR (EVOLUTION) – a handbook suggested; tools and technologies for easy OER production without technical skill (EVOLUTION)


Which support mechanisms are appropriate for different stakeholders?

Individual projects have been providing guidance and support for:


What forms of evaluation are most appropriate and how best can benefits be assessed?

For most individual projects evaluation has largely been subsumed into stakeholder engagement and ongoing development. This topic is discussed later under "Quality Issues" and "Stakeholder Engagement"



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