OER Synthesis and Evaluation / Dissemination Activities
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Dissemination Activities

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Dissemination activities - synthesis and evaluation team


OER Infokit

The team will be feeding outcomes and lessons learnt from the pilot programme into the OER Infokit. The infokit was launched in April 2010 to provide an accessible resource which aims to both inform and explain OERs and the issues surrounding them for managers, academics and those in learning support. Links to pilot programme project outputs are available from the infokit and are also included in our own Synthesis Of Strands pages.


The power of the collective

Keynote by Prof. Allison Littlejohn at OER10, Cambridge March 2010 which drew on her experience of leading the synthesis and evaluation project

Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open

Workshop by Helen Beetham, Lou Mcgill and Allison Littlejohn at OER10, Cambridge March 2010

Open sharing for learning communities

Interactive workshop by Helen Beetham and Lou McGill at SEDA Spring Teaching Learning and Assessment Conference, Leeds May 2010

Understanding the role of OERs in open educational practices

Presentation by Helen Beetham at the SCORE/LORO workshop, OU, March 2011

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